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JCIC Introduction_2021/05

JCIC Introduction

A robust financial system is the key to a country’s economic development . And a sound credit system is essential to robust financial health. To strengthen credit risk management in the banking industry, the government established the Joint Credit Information Center in 1975. The JCIC is a non-profit organization operating somewhere between the public and private sectors. So as to ensure the security and stability of the financial system while meeting the operational needs of our member institutions. Pursuant to the Banking Act, the JCIC serves as the sole credit-reporting agency in Taiwan that comprehensively collects credit data across financial institutions. Though a closed membership system may hinder credit data collection from the non-bank financial institutions. This sets the JCIC apart from the private credit reporting agencies in other countries. To link up with the world, the JCIC joined hands with its counterparts in the neighboring countries to establish Asia Credit Reporting Network to promote exchanges and growth in the credit industry of Asia. Since 2014 the JCIC has achieved the perfect mark of 8 points in the depth of credit information index of the World Bank’s Doing Business report. In years to come, the JCIC shall strive forward the goal of financial inclusion apart from its commitment to further improving data collection and information security.

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