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Seminar-by ACCIS President

JCIC 40th Anniversary Celebration and Asia Credit Bureau Seminar-Keynote Speech II by ACCIS President Neil Munroe

Established in Dublin in 1990, ACCIS currently brings together 46 consumer credit reference agencies in 28 European countries and 6 associate members from all other continents. ACCIS members includes government institutions, registered companies, subsidiaries, and banks, producing 850 million corporate credit reports and 13 million consumer credit reports. In 2015, ACCIS will celebrate its 25th anniversary in Varignana, near Bologna, Italy.

In Europe, about 75% of the CB interviewees have the newest customer’s account information. 50% of the interviewees have customer’s complete information, including account information, and arrear and default information. In Europe, the source of the information is not just from banks, but also from mail-shopping, online shopping, and utility companies. Moreover, the use of credit report is not just limited to credit investigation, but also for some other purposes like applying for retailer membership card and fraud detection. Moreover, cross-border credit data sharing is more and more common in Europe and is very important for the development of multinational finance.

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