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JCIC Introduction_2018/05

About JCIC

The JCIC is the first credit bureau in Asia that collects both positive and negative credit data on individuals and corporations. The JCIC serves as a nationwide credit information databank of both loans and credit cards, and it is also the only organization in Taiwan authorized for interbank transfer of credit information. All these financial institutions are members of the JCIC, now totaling over 400. These members run more than 5,000 branch offices all over Taiwan, meaning that the JCIC’s presence is felt throughout the island. Every day, the JCIC handles individual and corporate credit data from its member organizations, the Taiwan Clearing House, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The JCIC provides some 400,000 pieces of credit information daily to its member institutions. Its importance to financial transactions cannot be overemphasized. Since its establishment, the JCIC has helped countless individuals and enterprises obtain loans and working capital. Credit is what financial institutions refer to when determining the risk and calculating the price of a transaction. When you want to know the credit status of an individual or enterprise, the Credit Bureau of Taiwan or the JCIC can tell you! Let the JCIC’s credit data do the talking!

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